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About Klein Sandfontein Benji

Welcome to the special page dedicated to the legend himself.

 Benji was well known not only for his incredible personality and temperament but also for his constant breeding of offspring. Looking at the dogs and line KS has built up over the last 17 years, the line which proved to do the best for the breed all goes back to Benji. This include some of the best appraised dogs currently in the breed. Some of them include KS Judge, KS Journey, KS Matana, Zukandi Beau sire of KS Nutcracker and so many more wonderful dogs.

There is so much I can write on Benji but those who have met him would know what I mean when I say he was unforgettable. Benji lives on in every single dog on KS. His line continues in the boerboel breed worldwide.

RIP dearest Benji

More about Klein Sandfontein Benji

Mouzer Oliver Twist 87.1% 

Maranata Kia 89.4%

Stud Register
Hips: 1-1
Elbows: 1-2
Shoulder Height: 70cm

The combination of the Ysterberg Line from Oliver Twist’s side and the Smit/Lourina Lines that Kia stems from, have produced a remarkable dog.
Benji exhibits the size of his father and the volume and muscle of his mother. The end product is very pleasing to the eye indeed. 

Benji is a man amongst men and has proved himself to be a sire of note. His progeny are proving themselves in the show ring, breeding quality puppies and just being wonderful companions in many loving homes.

Benji’s special ness was evident from the day he was born – and to celebrate this blessing he was named after Benji’s youngest son. It has been a pleasure to witness the maturation of this marvelous dog, and has become one of the most impressive sires of this breed.

Benji is the father to KS Rocco who was the RES Snr Male champ at the SABT National show 2012, KS Abba, Spitsvuur Don, Groenberg Jaap and the three sisters. He is also the grandfather to KS Bibi, KS Yonatan, KS Dea, KS Alexander and KS Aero.

Benji is also the 2012 Western Cape Grand Champion Male as well as the 2012 family class champion.

In 2014 Benji won the >5y class at the National Show in Bredasdorp.

Klein Sandfontein De Javu

DOB: 24 May 2015

Klein Sandfontein Chilly
Klein Sandfontein Matana

His line includes dogs like KS Benji and Middelpos Koevoet who is a full brother to Middelpos Boel. 

All these dogs had a major impact on KS breeding. They bred dogs that bacame National Champions like KS Yonatan. 

KS Dejavú is the only male that includes Benji, Mandla and Koevoet. 

Dejavú is available for sale to a very special home only. He breeds beautifully and carries over his wonderful genes to his offspring.

KS Dejavu has been sold and is living in Ghana.

Klein Sandfontein Aleah

SABBS 81.2%

Klein Sandfontein Sierra
Elevation Adam

Klein Sandfontein Aleah is the daughter of Elevation Adam and Klein Sandfontein Sierra. Aleah is like her mother Sierra, absolutely beautiful with a sweet personality to match.

This is a very special young lady! Her grandparents are a combination of Groenberg Rambo and Klein Sandfontein Dodge from the Bellbusk Jeep line and that makes her different to most of our other dogs.

KS Aleah has been sold and is residing in the USA.

Klein Sandfontein Eden

SABBS 85.2%

Groenberg Rambo 92%
Klein Sandfontein Hila

Hips: D1:D1
Elbows: 3:3
En/Ec: None

This pretty dog is the progeny of Groenberg Rambo trail run which we had with our Klein Sandfontein dogs. What a run it was!

Eden is a lively, happy and sweet dog with a beautiful head and body structure. Eden is the biggest bitch in the Klein Sandfontein Breeding Program and has raised another litter of pups for us which we will reveal much later.

KS Eden has been sold and is residing in the USA.

Klein Sandfontein Arra

Zukandi Bliss
Elevation Adam

KS Arra is the daughter of Elevation Adam and Zukandi Bliss. Her line is filled with dogs like KS Benji, Middelpos Nandi, Groenberg Rambo, Middelpos Kia and Ranata Kia. She is a beautiful dog with a good temperament. She has proved herself to be a great breeding female and exceptional mother. KS Arra has been sold.

Klein Sandfontein Piper

Klein Sandfontein Callie
Klein Sandfontein Luna

KS Piper was born on 4 September 2015 and she was just the most adorable puppy we’ve ever seen. Soon after Piper was born, black dogs were suspended from the SABBS, so we really had no serious breeding plans for her. 

Earlier this year she came into season and we decided to give it a go with Captain Huey. Needless to say the results were magnificent.You can find Mac and Pepper under our upcoming youngsters.

Klein Sandfontein Purple Rain

Being the great granddaughter of my precious KS Benji, she always had a special place in my heart the moment she was born. She is even more special because her grandfather is Middelpos Koevoet, brother of Middelpos Boel 1.

She possesses great scope and athleticism, combined with a show-off personality yet being lovable and playful all in one package. 

Purple Rain recently had a litter and proved herself to be a wonderful mother.