Klein Sandfontein Boerboels
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Beautiful Kayla needs a new home! She is 5 years old, sound and healthy and she has been a family dog her whole life. She has no vices, except that cats are not her favourite thing, but for the rest, she is loving, kind and an excellent watch dog that needs her own new family with not too many other dogs. Please call or Whatsapp me on 0828611618 for more details.

Klein Sandfontein William Wallace Braveheart

It is time to introduce Klein Sandfontein William Wallace Braveheart to the world with his story….. It was always my dream to breed Klein Sandfontein Suzy Q to Captain Huey, but two scans revealed no pups. One evening as I was on my way out to take a long walk with my dogs, I saw Suzy Q looking very uncomfortable. Her udder was engorged, so I called the vets to find out what I could do to make her more comfortable…? I was waiting for a reply from the vets and continued walking….

Lexi called me to tell me that now Suzy Q had a dark green discharge…what should she do? I thought, wow, this is taking a phantom pregnancy to new extremes, but I told them to take her to the vets and I would phone ahead which I did. To cut a long story short, they needed to do an emergency c-section to remove several long dead pups, but there was still one teeny, tiny puppy alive…..

We named him William Wallace Braveheart…It was touch and go for a long time and he made it to the 6 week check up weighing not even 1 Kg…..

I fostered him out and here he is now at 5 months old. Meet our precious William Wallace Braveheart, son of KS Suzy Q and our precious Huey…R.I.P.

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