– Breeding Females –

Klein Sandfontein Isla and Rebecca

Klein Sandfontein Isla and Rebecca were born in our first ever split litter with their dam, Klein Sandfontein Mara who produced 4 puppies from Klein Sandfontein The Mack Attack and 4 puppies from Klein Sandfontein Rasputin.

I decided to use this beautiful young male just twice to try and replicate the legends, Bellbusk Jeep and Middepos Khan and bring them back into my stud. These two sisters were very recently appraised and I am very excited to plan their breeding career in the coming months.

They are inseparable and display the very traits I strive so hard to breed – beauty, healthy and easy going, loving temperaments.




Klein Sandfontein Belle-Wich

And then there was a third sister…

Klein Sandfontein Belle-Wich was part of the split litter with Klein Sandfontein Mara and she was sired by The awesome Mack Attack. What a spectacular dog and lovely in every way possible.

She and her two half sisters, Isla and Rebecca will be bred later in the year or early next year. Exciting times!