Klein Sandfontein Matana

Klein Sandfontein Asara x Glanwyn Mandla

Matana, our last gift of his late sire Glanwyn Mandla before he passed away. Matana is an exquisite dog. However, not many people realize that he is also in fact a half brother of Klein Sandfontein Judge- from his mother’s side, Asara

Asara was one of our best breeding females, and a daughter of Klein Sandfontein Benji. Matana has proven himself as an impeccable sire and
is the sire of Klein Sandfontein Journey, the second best appraised males on the Linear system, worldwide

Matana has a gentle, kind nature and although he is older now, his signature Klein Sandfontein look, is still a favourite on the farm. Matana is also one of the few dogs that are free from the current popular males, making his contribution to Klein Sandfontein even more valuable.