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Klein Sandfontein Boerboels, owned by Beverli Katz, is located on the picturesque Klein Sandfontein farm, which is near the town of Caledon, in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, and is approximately 150 km east of Cape Town.

The day-to-day running is managed by Beverli herself, a more committed breeder would be hard to find.

About us

Beverli’s passion for animals stems from her early years and the influence of her father and grandfather, who were both very involved with particularly horses and ponies. She grew up breeding, training and showing American Saddle Horses and Welsh ponies, eventually also qualifying as a multi-discipline, multi-breed and highly respected Equine Judge. Beverli continues to be invited to judge at horse shows events country-wide on a regular basis.

Currently the KS (Klein Sandfontein) stud has bred the highest appraised male in the world to date on the Linear system. He is KS Judge, owned by Shelby Flynn in Indianapolis, USA. The second highest appraised male in the world belongs to Joseph Phillips and he is KS Journey in California, USA. The second-highest appraised female is KS Bikijol now owned by Shelby Flynn in the USA.

Western Cape Boerboel Show -
27 January 2024


Kelly GilmourThe perfect engagement
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On the 14th of June 2023, my boyfriend and I organised to visit the beautiful boerboels at Klein Sandfontein Boerboels. Little did I know that the visit was going to be as special as it was! In February 2023, we lost our baby boerboel to kidney disease (she was a rescue, not from a breeder). So this visit was something we both were so excited about. We got to meet some of the biggest, most lovable, gentle natured dogs that I have ever seen. After meeting the adults, we were taken inside to meet the puppies. We entered their warm, cosy living room where the fire was lit and music was playing. A puppy was placed in my arms and around its neck was a note and a beautiful diamond ring. The whole staff were there, filming the proposal and congratulating us, making us feel so special. I could not have imagined a more perfect day, or a more perfect proposal. Thank you to the whole team at Klein Sandfontein Boerboels - there are not words to express my gratitude. Needless to say, we will be back to adopt one (or two) of your absolutely gorgeous puppies!
CyrileneBeverli continues even after we took the dog home to help
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The patience of the staff and Beverly are second to none. We decided on an adult dog of 3 years which worked out well for our budget and ability. They waited for us to get things in order for 1 month before officially taking the dog home. We arranged pet insurance during the month of prep and after the first debit there is a 30 day waiting period. 4 days after we had our amazingly well behaved, obedient, sweet tempered and gentle dog, she got an infection. Insurance was not going to help 28 days before waiting period was done. We took her to the vet in our small town and were told that she needed ex rays and fluid draining for the abscess with a cost of 3K but that there would be a chance of surgery that will not be something we could wait for with extra cost. We thought we would have to put her down. But Beverli helped us to get the situation sorted and helped us to then keep her and hopefully for many years to come. I still can't believe that anyone would go the extra mile like that. Nobody can tell us that these are not quality dogs with quality upbringing and training. Our dog will be fine, but only thanks to Klien Sandfontein Boerboels and all of their help.
Lititia Hunt KrugerMy best gift ever
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I bought two dogs from Beverli Katz and received my third Boerboel as a gift almost 5 years ago. Klein Sandfontein Jaxen has been the best gift I have ever received. Due to this gift... Beverli became a treasured friend. Beverli knowledge, commitment and sacrifices in the Boerboel world is very hard to find. She is an amazing human being and this trait is also visible in dogs bred by her.
Grace Barron
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I can’t recommend Beverli and everyone at Klein Sandfontein enough. We live in Scotland and have been looking for a Boerboel in the UK for quiet a while. My husband is South African and we planned a trip to SA which would include a visit to KS. Beverli and Sebastian were so warm and welcoming. They showed us around the farm and we got to meet all the dogs. Their dogs are amazing in both physical appearance and their temperaments. Whist we were there we fell in love with one Mr Ben-Louis. He was so loving and affectionate that we just had to have him join our family. He is now living his best life in the heart of the Scottish Highlands and we can’t thank Beverli enough for bringing up Ben-Louis in such a wonderful manner as well as making the whole process of getting him to the UK stress free. Grace, Stu and Ben-Louis.
Conrad Erasmus
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My family and I were visiting Cape town, coming all the way from Canada. We have a Boerboel in Canada named Jabu, and his lineage comes from Klein Sandfontein Boerboels. We sent a message to Beverli hoping to have the chance to visit her farm and see her dogs. Even with such short notice, Beverli welcomed us with open arms. We had the opportunity to see so many wonderful Boerboels and puppies! All the dogs were each so well taken care of, each having their own name and unique relationship with Beverli, Sebastian, and the whole crew! The property was outstanding! With each dog having lots of space to roam freely and not confined in one space. Beverli and her team took time out of their own day to give us a tour of their beautiful farm and to introduce us to all their amazing dogs. They even gave us some tips on feeding and proper nutrition that we will remember for our dog Jabu. My family and I are so grateful to have had the opportunity to see where our dog’s lineage comes from and to see how Beverli and her team take such great care for their dogs. The dogs were not their pets, they were their family, and I would recommend anyone to own a Klein sandfontein Boerboel. Thank you so much Beverli and Sebastian, and the rest of the crew as well, for welcoming us into your home and for being such amazing people to your dogs and to us.
Koos Uys
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There is probably not a single Boerboel breeder in the world that exudes so much love for her dogs. Every puppy's progress is meticulously recorded since birth and no expense is spared to provide the new owner with the healthiest and best socialized pup possible.
Michelle De Bruin
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Where quality and passion collide that's where you get Klein Sandfontein Boerboels. By far the best Breeder of this amazing breed within the Western Cape.
Jan van Zyl
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I have met Beverly years ago and she lives for her Dogs if I ever want to get a Boerbull this will be the only breeder I will go to.
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