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Klein Sandfontein Benji

Benji was well known not only for his incredible personality and temperament but also for his constant breeding of offspring.
Looking at the dogs and line KS has built up over the last 17 years, the line which proved to do the best for the breed all goes back to Benji.

This include some of the best appraised dogs currently in the breed. Some of them include KS Judge, KS Journey, KS Matana, Zukandi Beau sire of KS Nutcracker and so many more wonderful dogs.

There is so much I can write on Benji but those who have met him would know what I mean when I say he was unforgettable. Benji lives on in every single dog on KS. His line continues in the boerboel breed worldwide.

RIP dearest Benji

Klein Sandfontein Huey

Sire of champions. That is honesly the truest words to use when it came to Huey. He was a multi champion not only regionally, but also nationally. He’s son Klein Sandfontein Judge the best appraised male to date on the Linear system.

There is a lot to say about his line and pedigree. His mom, Kisska was a daughter of Klein Sandfontein Annie and Middelpos Khan. Khan also a great sire was also the sire of Jeep. Annie daughter of Matanata Golda and Mouzer Oliver Twist made her almost the full sister of Klein Sandfontein Benji.

Even with all of this- all the ingredients to be great there is always risk- however Huey was above everything we could ever have imagined. He was a captain of his own ship. He lived for us at Klein Sandfontein and he loved being in the show ring.

RIP Huey, your legacy will live on- of that we are sure.


After visiting the top Boerboel kennels in South Africa and personally viewing and evaluating 500 dogs, we decided that the kennel which best represented our ideals was Klein Sandfontein from which we were lucky enough and honored to be able to acquire this splendid dog who possesses everything we consider ideal for the breed. 

He represents the standard meticulously and has the structure and athleticism to carry out his role for what the breed was originally designed to do. There is nothing exaggerated about him, his proportions and balance create his functional and aesthetic elegance and harmony.

Rabinowitz has scored well in his homeland appraisal as well as having perfect AA hip scores and 00 elbow scores. He is proving himself as a valuable producer and has had success in the UAE show scene becoming a Champion and is now starting his show career in the USA.

Mr Richard Hellman, Senior Operations Manager
– Alpha Delta Kennels in Abu Dhabi

Klein Sandfontein The Mack Attack

Klein Sandfontein Piper x Klein Sandfontein Huey

Klein Sandfontein The Mack Attack… What a boy!! 
This has to be the most spectacular black Boerboel male bred on
Klein Sandfontein out of the Klein Sandfontein Piper x Klein Sandfontein Huey litter- ever!
As far as I know, he is also the only black Boerboel to be “Dog of the Day” in the Western Cape and he carries a SABBS National show title as Reserve Sub-Junior male puppy. 
He is just made of pure gold – inside and out and we are very blessed to be breeding into 2021 with his daughters, Klein Sandfontein Nevaeh and Klein Sandfontein Espresso.

Glanwyn Mandla

Glanwyn Mandla has proved to be one of the greatest additions to the Klein Sandfontein Breeding Program. Mandla was the sire of Klein Sandfontein Yonatan- A National Champion in his time. Mandla, the sire of Klein Sandfontein Callie making him the great grandsire of our Klein Sandfontein The Mack Attack. 
Mandla is also the sire of Matana- his last gift to us before he passed away- making him the grand-sire of KS Journey, one of the world’s best appraised males on the NLS. 
RIP Mandla, you left a legacy that made a HUGE difference in the boerboel world.

Klein Sandfontein Tinder

Klein Sandfontein Hollyhock x Klein Sandfontein Matana

Klein Sandfontein Tinder is really a very specially bred male puppy and he was a definite keeper from when he was a tiny tot!  He has the spectacular “Benji” looks and the big, broad chest that makes him so powerful, but with the sweetest, kindest temperament consistant of his whole line from KS Matana and leading back to Benji.

His dam, Klein Sandfontein Hollyhock is also the sister of Klein Sandfontein Judge (highest apprised male globally on the Linear System to date). Tinder is also one of the very few studs that carries Groenberg Rambo only once in his pedigree in the 3rd generation.

We are very happy with his progeny that will, hopefully, take him into “super stud” status one day.

Klein Sandfontein Machachos

What a beautiful son of MES Luka and Huey’s daughter Zukandi Sanza! 
I knew he was special the moment he was born and he has not disappointed me. 
Not only has he the spirit of greatness, but he has a heart of gold!
I am so excited to begin breeding with him soon.

Bellbusk Jeep

Jeep had to be one of the most underestimated males,
he proved himself in every single litter and soon became, as some say, the best breeding male you can find. His consistency, temperament and gentle, kind nature lives on in all his progeny worldwide.
Jeep has sired many national, regional and international champions. However, it was his gently, kind nature that captured the souls of everyone who met him.

Klein Sandfontein Abba

Abba, the boerboel with the silly smile and enormous heart.
Like his sire Klein Sandfontein Benji,
he had the same exact look and temperament.
A gentle and kind soul that would always brighten your day. 
RIP Abba, we love you- always.

Klein Sandfontein The Sting

The Sting was such a magnificent dog and such an important part of our breeding program and we are devastated at his demise. 

His most famous son would be Klein Sandfontein Big Verc. 
His contribution to our breeding program was his huge head, gorgeous, soft temperament and tremendous bone. 

He was loved by all – canine and human alike.

MES Markus

Although his time with us was short his presence and progeny will live on forever at Klein Sandfontein.
He bred some magnificent dogs, especially with Klein Sandfontein Suzy Q- KS The Sting, KS Suddenly summer to name a few.

Klein Sandfontein Ben-Louis

Klein Sandfontein Nitey Nite

Klein Sandfontein Piper x Klein Sandfontein Nutcracker

Klein Sandfontein Nitey Nite is a very special dog out of the combination of Klein Sandfontein Piper x Klein Sandfontein Nutcracker.
We breed our black dogs to the very best that we have and this is paying off with the top quality, beautiful black dogs we are producing.
Nitey Nite has it all. She is pitch black, bold, big, beautiful head and proving to be an excellent mother. We are so excited to have her in our breeding program.

Klein Sandfontein BenTen

Son of Zukandi Sanza (Huey daughter) 
x Klein Sandfontein Finn (KS Bengal son).

BenTen also has our beloved Klein Sandfontein Benji from his sire’s side.
His line goes back to where we as Klein Sandfontein started many years ago with the Maranata sisters – Maranata Golda and Maranata Kia.

Klein Sandfontein Blizzard

Klein Sandfontein Blizzard has the most impressive pedigree being the daughter of the Legendary Klein Sandfontein Huey (my white gold) and Zukandi Bliss who is the direct and actual daughter of my beloved
Klein Sandfontein Benji.
Bliss is still living the life of the leisurely here on Klein Sandfontein.
Blizzard was destined for greatness from the moment she was born and did not disappoint me.
She delivered 17 puppies in her first litter and 14 puppies in her second litter. She is made from pure gold and her sons and daughters are all, without exception, quite magnificent.

Klein Sandfontein Desert Rose

This super bitch is a rare find being a Klein Sandfontein Huey daughter and the legends like Middelpos Alpha and Klein Sandfontein Benji are all in her pedigree. She has produced 25 puppies in two litters and is the most wonderful nuturing mother.
She gets along with all other dogs and is well and happy.
I have enough of her off-spring to be able to offer her to a worthy home.
She has just had a rest heat and is ready to go.

For more details, please contact me on Whatsapp: +27 82 8611 618

Klein Sandfontein Finn

Klein Sandfontein Sage
x Klein Sandfontein Bengl

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