Klein Sandfontein Tinder

Klein Sandfontein Tinder

Klein Sandfontein Hollyhock x Klein Sandfontein Matana

Klein Sandfontein Tinder is really a very specially bred male puppy and he was a definite keeper from when he was a tiny tot!  He has the spectacular “Benji” looks and the big, broad chest that makes him so powerful, but with the sweetest, kindest temperament consistant of his whole line from KS Matana and leading back to Benji.

His dam, Klein Sandfontein Hollyhock is also the sister of Klein Sandfontein Judge (highest apprised male globally on the Linear System to date). Tinder is also one of the very few studs that carries Groenberg Rambo only once in his pedigree in the 3rd generation.

We are very happy with his progeny that will, hopefully, take him into “super stud” status one day.